Video Industry Advisory Board Summit



Video Industry Advisory Board

Since TV Connect launched 12 years ago, the way that consumers access and view content has changed beyond even the most forward-thinking commentators expectations.

Driven by technological advances and an unquenchable consumer thirst, the broadcasting landscape is now a hotbed of innovation. Its is this innovation that we celebrate at TV Connect, and to nurture this innovation we have created the Video Industry Advisory Board.

Created in partnership with Huawei, the Video Industry Advisory Board is an invitation-only summit taking place on Tuesday 26th April at TV Connect, where attendees will be able to discuss the key challenges facing the video delivery ecosystem and establish a road-map to ensure that delivery networks are capable of providing the stability and capacity needed to deliver the next generation of services.

This interactive summit will feature keynote presentations from Ovum Industry Analysts, Huawei consultants, and other industry leaders, to ensure that attendees are able to consider every element of the ecosystem.

Registration details will be announced soon.