Richard Lindsay-Davies

Richard Lindsay-Davies is the Chief Executive Officer of the Digital TV Group, the industry association central to the development and collaborative implementation of digital television in the UK. He is also executive Chairman of the industry’s interoperability test centre, DTG Testing.

He served as Director of Public Affairs from 2004 working with government and stakeholders on the Digital TV Action Plan leading to the digital switchover programme and the establishment of the UK digital switchover body, Digital UK. He was appointed Director-General in 2006, establishing a new vision and operation before transferring to Freesat as Commercial Development Director where he played an integral role in the successful launch of the platform. Following the launch of Freesat, Richard returned to his role as DTG Director General in October 2008.

With experience spanning engineering, product marketing and strategy in the consumer electronics and broadcast industries he has contributed to a number of world firsts, including the UK’s first free-to-air set top box and recorder. Before joining the Digital TV Group, Richard spent 15 years in the television industry with roles ranging from electronic design at Sony through to consumer marketing at Toshiba and strategic marketing at Pace.

Richard is currently focussed on ensuring the UK’s digital TV future is as innovative and economically valuable as its past by supporting the developing thinking on the next generation of digital TV and related technologies though the DTG’s work on areas: Broadcast AV; Connected AV; Mobile AV; Spectrum, and; Ultra HD.