Randolph Nikutta

T-Labs (Research & Innovation)
Deutsche Telekom

Randolph Nikutta started his career at Deutsche Telekom in 1996 at a R&D subsidiary. Between 2002 and 2008 Dr. Nikutta worked for Detecon International GmbH (consultancy subsidiary of T-Systems International). Since April 2005 Dr. Nikutta has been assigned to Telekom Innovation Laboratories which he joined in April 2008 on a permanent basis. He is responsible for the project field “New Media” dealing with IPTV, video services, convergent/multi-screen TV, TV Companion applications/services and also more mid-term related innovation topics like virtual set-top boxes, Cloud TV or a completely virtualised TV service delivery chain in the context of SDN and NFV based network infrastructures. Development activities include proof of concept service implementations of advanced technologies as well as product related activities in close co-operation with business units and the NatCos in Deutsche Telekom’s footprint.