Paul Scanlan


Paul Scanlan is co-founder of MobiTV, where he is the current president.

Scanlan received his Bachelor of Science in Communications from the University of Wisconsin–Madison and entered the telecommunications business with Lucent. He then began working for Enterprise IG in 1996, where he would eventually lead their technology practice and become a managing partner of the firm. Scanlan also helped found two other small companies early in his career.

Scanlan partnered with Phillip Alvelda and Jeff Annison to found MobiTV (originally known as Idetic). The company was founded in order to deliver television to mobile devices. His first role was VP of marketing of the company in 2000, moving to the position of chief operating officer in 2005 and then president in 2007. He has also been a member of the Board since inception.

In 2005, Scanlan and his team were awarded an Emmy for Technical Achievement in Advancing Television for their work with MobiTV. Scanlan stated that he believed the decrease in mobile Internet fees and free video-capable phones provided by mobile service companies would increase the demand for video content specialized for mobile devices. That year, the company produced content on twenty different mobile-TV channels. In 2011, Forbes Magazine credited Scanlan for the rise in streaming television that came towards the end of the 2000s.