Jordi Miro Bruix

Jordi Miró Bruix was born in Madrid, Spain. Studied Applied Physics at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.In 2000 he started working at PwC Consulting. Got a Master in Internet Solutions from Universidad de Deusto while working at PwC Consulting. In 2004 he joined DMR Consulting (now Everis) as Senior Consultant for Banking Industry. In 2005 he married and moved to Caracas, Venezuela. He started then his entrepreneurial career by founding Mixsic and TIC Soluciones Bancarias. He served as mixsic's COO and President (with offices in New York and Miami) until 2011 when a spinoff was sold (Feedtrace) to Real Time Media. He served as an advisor to TIC Soluciones Bancarias until 2011. He joined on April 2011 as CTO. Jordi has 2 kids, Lucía and León.