Hairi Soewarso

Managing Director
ThinkingTub Media

Hairi has been in the Media Industry since graduation from the school of International Relations, Political Policies and Contemporary World History. His love for Media and his past eighteen years in the local and regional Media companies has helped shaped his outlook on what the future of Media will/can be.

He has a strong believe that Media will continue to evolve like in the 30s when TV was commercialized and how it impacted Radio and also in the 50s, when the Color Television was launched which saw more changes in the Media industry.

The advent of internet and also mobile devices that can serves video is yet again revolutionizing the industry.  The prospect of traditional TV companies going into New Media and also Telcos becoming a Media company is nothing new now.

This paradigm shift is what makes Hairi feel excited and wanting to be part of this dynamic shift for the betterment of content and the way it will be consumed in the future...

 ThinkingTub Media (formerly known as BesTV International) collaborates, as well as invest in New Media strategies in International markets like Southeast Asia, South Asia, Africa, Latin America and North America.

Hairi's focus is in New Media joint-operations, content acquisition and aggregation, content production as well as traditional media businesses. He is also pioneering 4K content in Asia, making him at the cutting edge from a content provider and platform owner perspective.