Faz Aftab

Director of Business Development & Partnerships

Faz Aftab is the Director of Business Development & Partnerships in Online for ITV.  She is responsible for the connected television, online and mobile video distribution strategy for the UK broadcaster.  She has recently been involved in the launch of Freeview Play in the UK, she continues to drive this activity at ITV.  A key area of responsibility includes managing complex relationships with partners such as Google, Amazon, Apple, Samsung and Microsoft.  With her in-depth knowledge of the end-to-end video delivery ecosystem, Faz has established ground-breaking relationships with partners in record time.  Faz is supported by fifteen years of commercial, product and technology experience in digital media.  She recently made the top 10 VoD Professionals, which tracks the most influential people working in the UK's new television sector.

 As a working mother of 3 young girls, she has mastered the art of juggling.