Espen Erikstad

Espen is responsible for the overall technology development of the Multi-Screen Apps Product, along with heading the project delivery teams within the company. Espen has led the technical initiatives from the onset and has been key influencer in evolution of the company´s technology and product offerings from the very first mobile streaming solution in 2004. His foresight into keeping the company´s offering ahead of the competition has helped the company successfully partner and manage TV services for leading operators and broadcasters globally. His business acumen has also allowed the foray into productisation of the company´s well established service offering. His roles as a software engineer and project manager at Canal Digital and NRK, the national broadcaster in Norway prompted him to realise his desire for creating streaming services and led him to be part of the founding team of Rubberduck Media Lab in 2004. With his entrepreneurial spirit, he has innovative plans to lead by example. Erikstad and his family live in Oslo and he is an enthusiastic biker and runner to keep fi