Dan Marshall

Senior Vice President Worldwide Sales
Elemental Technologies

Dan brings more than 25 years of experience building and driving sales and service in the enterprise storage, media and broadcast markets to his role at Elemental. As Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Service, he develops and directs the company's worldwide sales and service strategy and is responsible for a global sales and service team. Prior to joining Elemental, Dan managed sales, marketing and service divisions at companies working directly with enterprise IT organizations in the broadcast, storage, and SAAS markets. In his most recent role as head of sales at Omneon Inc., Dan helped the company establish a global footprint and achieve profitability two years ahead of schedule. He previously held executive sales positions at MTI Corporation and Mylex Corporation and co-founded and served in an executive role at Storageway. Dan is on the board of directors of Multimek, Inc. and holds a B.S. in Business Administration and Economics from San Jose State University. Dan is also an accomplished guitarist, a passion he continues to pursue in his free time.