Charles Igwe

Nollywood Global Media Group

Mr. Charles Igwe is a biochemist and banker with over 20 years experience in the Nigerian Creative Industries.

He currently serves as CEO at Nollywood Global Media Group and Managing Director at The Big Picture, Business consultants to the creative industries.

He was an early investor in Nollywood and a pioneer participant in the Nigerian Movie industry's emergence, he served as the first secretary general of the Conference of Motion Picture Practitioners of Nigeria, the umbrella body for all the guilds of the industry at the time. In this capacity he midwifed the local and international expansion of this industry particularly the business practices and fiscal discipline.

He has invaluable experience in the business of movies. He has evolved innovative models for financing movie and TV programs projects as well as articulating the strategic vision for the emergence and competitive evolution of the media content industries in Nigeria. Identifying key support structures for the continuous growth of this vital economic sector and providing expert consulting for the building of the media content industry in Nigeria.

He is also involved with BOBTV, Top Radio 90.9FM, TMC Boxoffice Distribution (A leading distributor of Movies and television programmes) and Amaka Igwe Studios. He has given several lectures, speeches and presentations on the business models that drive the Nigerian Movie Industries in China, Brazil, Denmark, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States of America, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa and Nigeria.