Bram Tullemans

Senior Project Manager, Broadband Networks

Bram Tullemans is the project manager broadband technology and online services of the Technical department of the EBU. In this role he coordinates the EBU Expert Community Platforms & Services (ECP), the strategic programme Broadband Networks (BBN) and Television Platforms (TVP). Besides knowledge exchange between broadcasters and solution providers he works on standardisation issues related to new online broadcast services. At this moment his centre of interest consists of media services for connected tv's in combination with a second screen approach on personal devices.

With his specialisation in the field of internet, new media and interactivity Bram worked as senior policy advisor research and development at the Dutch public service broadcast organisation NPO. He developed strategies on a conceptual level and their practical implementations on topics like second screens, connected tv, network neutrality, open source, adaptive streaming, p2p, visual radio, device specific video distribution, etc.. Prior to his activities in the broadcast sector he managed a crossmedia department at the international publishing house IDG Communications. His main themes there were video production and online distribution, as well as interactive tv-games.