Aditya Ganjam

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

Aditya Ganjam, Chief Product Officer at Conviva, is currently responsible for leading and growing the product management team, driving the product strategy for Conviva's industry-leading experience management platform.

As a founding member of the Conviva team, Mr. Ganjam has spent his entire professional careerat Conviva, holding progressively more key engineering roles. Most recently, he was Conviva’s Chief Architect and led product definition, technology strategy, and new product incubation.Prior to that, he was a lead engineer and team lead for several areas within Conviva's engineering team.</p>

 Before joining Conviva, Mr Ganjam was a Ph.D. student in computer science at Carnegie Mellon University, where, as a member of the End System Multicast project, he contributed to the building of the world’s first peer-to-peer live streaming system. Mr Ganjam earned Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in computer science from Carnegie Mellon University.