Show Keynotes The TV Connect 2016 keynote sessions will run on 26th – 28th April from 9:00 – 11:00 each morning, providing delegates and visitors with access to the views and opinions of C-level speakers from across the industry. Keynotes are open to all who attend TV Connect 2016.

Each keynote morning addresses a different theme, as detailed below.

Day 1 Show Keynotes: Telco, Pay TV & Broadcast Evolution

The Telco, Pay TV and Broadcast Evolution keynotes will take place on 26th April 2016 from 09:00 – 11:00.

Our Day 1 theme is ‘Telco, Pay TV and Broadcast Evolution’, reflecting the shift in strategy for traditional communications companies in order to stay relevant in an increasingly content driven world. We want to explore the evolution of the media distribution ecosystem, and understand how the value chain is changing to reflect new consumer desires, and the implications of these trends for the future of any B2C video content provider.

Hot Topic Areas for 2016:

-          Understanding how the evolution of the consumer relationships with technology is effecting the development of industry partnerships

-          How can the Connected Entertainment Industry meaningfully interact with the Internet of Things?

-          Smart Entertainment to Smart Life: what could be integrated into the Smart TV, STB or Media Streamer outside of entertainment?

-          How are Broadcasters, Telco’s and Pay TV operators transforming their businesses to respond to the threat of OTT TV? Is OTT TV really a threat, or should it be embraced as an opportunity?

-          How can the industry future proof existing revenue streams while continuing to focus on providing an increasingly personalised viewer experience?

-          Blowing Up the Value Chain – Redefining Relationships for a Content Everywhere Environment

-          Defining differentiators to safeguard against blurring boundaries – in a world where everyone is moving into everyone else’s space, how can organisations stay competitive while still forming necessary partnerships?

-          Assessing the sustainability and longevity of the current Direct to Consumer trend – unbundling, rebundling and everything in between

-          Disrupting the value chain without disrupting the value proposition: putting the consumer first

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Day 2 Show Keynotes: Understanding the impact of Millennial & Multiplatform Digital Natives

The Millennial & Multiplatform keynotes will take place on 27th April 2016 from 09:00 – 11:00.

Each keynote day has a different ‘theme’, and our Day 2 theme is ‘Millennial Engagement and Niche Opportunities’, addressing the rise of this specific generation as a powerful force and influence in connected entertainment. We want to explore the power that Millennial’s have, (or don’t have), how multiplatform engagement across generations is changing the way that people typically interact with content, and what this means for the future of any B2C video content provider.

Hot Topic Areas for 2016:

-          Is it really all about the Millennials?

-          Defining the scope and influence of Millennials – exactly how important are they in relation to the rest of the market? Where might other niche opportunities lie?

-          How are Millennials affecting the development of content and business models in connected entertainment?

-         What makes Millennials tick? Understanding the viewing habits of a typical Millennial

-          How are millennials changing the terms of engagement in content?

-          Mobile Driven, Digital First: Harnessing the power of content to reach the Millennial generation

-          Leveraging the growing popularity of live streaming, short form video and social content

-          As these new forms of content become to the fore and investments in MCN’s by Broadcasters, Telcos and Pay TV providers continue to ramp up, what does this mean for the future

-          Content Driven Business Models for a Multiplatform Media World

-          OTT TV Apps & Unbundling: leveraging these trends to launch niche, personalised and targeted services for the next generation viewer

-          How is the transition to social, digital first mobile content consumption affecting advertising business models?

-          How can big data & real time analytics be utilised to maximise content engagement?

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Day 3 Show Keynotes: Multiscreen Monetisation & Engagement

The Multiscreen Monetisation & Engagement keynotes will take place on 28th April 2016 from 09:00 – 11:00.

Each keynote day has a different ‘theme’, and our Day 3 theme is ‘Multiscreen Monetisation & Engagement’. Multiscreen is more prevalent than ever, and it seems that in the last year business models have started to catch up. As viewers continue to view what they want, when they want , where they want, how can the Connected Entertainment industry continue to evolve both technology and business models to keep pace and meet demand while ensuring a flawless viewing experience?

Hot Topic Areas for 2016:

-          Optimising the Multiscreen User Experience  while maintaining ROI

-          Leveraging the cloud to deliver multiscreen services while sustaining QoE and QoS

-          Translating the main screen to multiple screens

-          Creating a Multiplatform Advertising Strategy to drive Multiscreen Engagement

-          How is advertising adapting in parallel with changes to the ways in which viewers consume content?

-          As multiscreen TV everywhere services become more and more prevalent, how are advertising distribution models, technologies and strategies evolving to allow ad revenues to grow across platforms?

-          Introducing ads into OTT services in a way that does not antagonise the viewer

-          The Great OTT Service Monetisation Debate

-          As the number of OTT services in the market continues to increase, how can viewer ‘subscription fatigue’ be avoided?

-          Pricing vs. content – in a flooded OTT market, which is more important as a service differentiator?

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