The Connected 100 Leadership Summit – The Forgotten Fundamentals

Every brand and every service provider has a set of values on which the company was founded, of which, providing great service to the customer is almost certainly number one. However, in today’s modern age, it’s easy to overlook the customer, forget the brand and simply ‘go on as normal’. Developing a great brand, or building a great company is a result of a multitude of actions, but without customer advocates, a ‘brand’ is merely a functioning business; easy to forget, and not missed when gone.

Through huge strides in digital technology we are also faced with ‘Big Data’, comprising huge masses of information, which is growing at an alarming rate. Driving actionable intelligence through analytics is the logical answer, but is often presented in an illogical way. In a digital world, where the consumer no longer expects a service, but expects excellence these insights, if used correctly can prove crucial to the success of the brand.

Join the Connected 100 Leadership Summit in 2016 and get access to an exclusive, invite only, private networking session, gathering to discuss the fundamentals of big data, user experience and brand curation. Join the most influential and senior level guests of TV Connect for a private lunch and a series of discussions aiming to define and develop the future direction of the connected entertainment industry.

Closed to press and held to Chatham House Rules, the next leadership forum will run in a brand new format. The summit will open with an introduction from our Chairman, Mark Wilson-Dunn, Vice President, BT Media and Broadcast Enterprises, and be swiftly followed by an interactive data workshop led by Sebastian Wernicke, Head of Data Science, Solon, well known for his TED talks. This will be followed by a keynote address from Michael Hirsh, Chairman of The Entertainment and Media Finance Group (TEAM) and Chairman, CineCoupe, discussing the future of the industry, brand curation and partnerships, which will lead perfectly on to our longer workshop session. Led by Fabian Birgfeld and Michael Albers, the founders of W12 Studios, this workshop will be formed around user experience, design and how best to position your brand, whether you’re B2C, B2B or somewhere in the middle.

The summit will conclude with another keynote address from Andrew Wajs, Chief Technology Office, Irdeto, in which he will discuss market disruption and how chaos can drive innovation, before the results of the data workshop are announced.

For more information, and to request an invite please contact Iwona Hampson, Head of VIP Programmes at or directly on +44 (0)20 7551 9269.


Exclusive Networking Lunch: Invitation only - reserved for approved leadership summit delegates

Sebastian Wernicke, Head of Data Science at Solon

An Insight into Insight - Part 1: In this opener, Sebastian Wernicke, Head of Data Science at Solon, will introduce an interactive, digital questionnaire, which will be shared with all attendees, asking 8 of the most pertinent questions in the industry today. At the end of the summit the results will not only be announced and data shared, but we'll also demonstrate exactly how this data can be best used within your everyday roles.


Chair's introduction: Mark Wilson-Dunn, Vice President at BT Media and Broadcast Enterprises


Panel Debate: The Rise of the OTT

Michael Hirsh Chairman of The Entertainment and Media Finance Group (TEAM) and Chairman, CineCoupe

Keynote Address: What's New? What's Next? Join Michael Hirsh, a man who has built three internationally-recognized successful animation companies, as he shares with you his thoughts and global insights on where the television industry is going today, from a business point of view. What's New? What's Next?

Hirsh will also touch on brand curation and all the dominant layers within the TV business and will answer questions related to building a great industry business framework. Especially in an industry that is always disrupting or evolving. He will also share his thoughts on all facets of the current period of disintermediation and disruption in the television industry.


Workshop: Simplify Complexity with Design

Fabian Birgfeld and Michael Albers, Founders of W12 Studios

In theory nothing should get in the way of the audience enjoying content. In reality complex business rules, multiple operating systems, platforms and screen sizes make it very challenging for the audience to navigate a large content catalogue to find what they want to watch. The primary challenge for design is to translate business; engineering and user requirements into a delightful and desirable experience that makes TV fun again.

In an open conversation with the audience we will discuss how design integrates with the other key disciplines necessary to deliver the solution and how to make sure that the experience will be launched and maintained as envisioned. We will pay particular attention on the role of brand when marketing and delivering content across platforms and devices. We will use examples from our work and best practices in the marketplace to facilitate this workshop and show what this means in reality and as a stimulus for discussion.


Keynote Address: Let Chaos Drive Innovation:

Andrew Wajs, CTO, Irdeto

  • How users drive disruption
  • Iteration and chaos as catalysts for innovation
  • Bridging between old and new
  • Building a framework to ensure success


Sebastian Wernicke, Head of Data Science at Solon

An Insight into Insight - Part 2: Find out the results of the digital questionnaire and what it could mean for you and your business.


Chair's closing comments: Mark Wilson-Dunn, Vice President at BT Media and Broadcast Enterprises


Connected 100 Leadership Summit Concludes