OTT TV Launch Case Studies

Connected Entertainment Hub, 12:00-17:30


The Hub will commence at 12:00, following morning keynotes and break

Chair:Colin Dixon, Owner & Principal Analyst, nScreenMedia, USA


OTT Case Study in Chinese Market

Liu Jinshan, CTO Group, Marketing & Operation Department, Sales & Engineering Service Division, ZTE


Expert Advice: How to Launch a Successful OTT

  • Understanding the opportunities around creating a targeted OTT TV service
  • What are the opportunities to create new revenue sources through VOD?
  • Creating innovative ways to engage with a specific demographic

Jonathan T L French,Head of International Business Development & Content Strategy, TV4 Entertainment, Inc, USA


Panel Debate: The Rise of the OTT

  • Advantage of OTTs to maximise reach whilst keeping costs down
  • New launch trends: What are the biggest launches and how are they changing the market?
  • Is Broadcast television still relevant in an OTT world?
  • What kind of content is destined to thrive?
  • How can traditional players compete in a pure-play OTT TV world?
  • Why so much Hollywood and US content on OTT TV? Is this always necessary to guarantee success?

Addie Nascimento, Digital Syndication Lead, Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), USA

Daniel Winner, Managing Director, Winning in Digital, UK

Mihai Crasneanu,CEO, Grey Juice Lab, USA


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A New Middle-Eastern Pure Play OTT Service

  • Launching the first Starz-branded service outside of the USA in 2015
  • Operating a OTT subscription service across 17 territories in the Middle East and North Africa, an area with a population estimated at 370 million and a young, highly wired
  • Demographic, with the best TV and movie content at an affordable price-point
  • SVOD service available on PCs and Macs, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices
  • Expectations of the development of the market with the arrival of Netflix

Daniel Jesse Bates, Chief Commercial Officer, Starz Play Arabia, UAE


Ensuring the Highest Possible Content Quality for Connected Screens

  • Supplying best-in-class video player
  • for the multiscreen market (OTT)
  • Delivering mature and market-proven products on Smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes, dongles and PCs, and OS: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac.

Benoit Brieussel,Director of Sales and Marketing and Co-Founder, Squadeo


The Future of Entertainment

  • Shifting from a generic experience to one tailored uniquely for the individual viewer
  • How this effects content discovery, advertising, and the actual viewing experience itself

David Irvine,CTO, icflix, UAE


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Panel Discussion: The Evolving TV Content Market Digiturk Case Study: Creating an Anytime, Anywhere TV Service

  • What the latest launches show us about consumer demand and providers’ expectations about the buoyancy of the TV content market
  • How is OTT Video changing consumer viewing habits?
  • Are we witnessing the death of the Set Top Box?
  • What are the challenges presented by the walled garden of OTT video platforms?
  • What is the key demographic who are choosing to use OTT video services?
  • Will TV ever go totally OTT?
  • What are we to expect the content landscape to look like in 10 years’ time?

Clara Mai Kunstmann,Senior Director, Head of OTT & VOD Solutions, TDC, Denmark

Themba Ndlwana,Managing Director, Sports Media Africa, UK

Dimitar Radev,Head of Content Distribution and New Platforms, NOVA Broadcasting Group, Bulgaria





Connected Entertainment Hub, 12:00-17:30


The Hub will commence at 12:00, following morning keynotes and break

Chair: Colin Dixon, Owner & Principal Analyst, nScreenMedia, USA


Case Study: Launch of the 4K Now One STB

  • The rollout of PCCW’s new all-in-one STB for the home, supporting PayTV/IPTV/DTT/OTT/PVR/NFC etc.
  • Addressing the needs of the content providers as well as customers with curated content via the new STB
  • Allowing PCCW to develop several engagement models with content providers and customers as well as supporting our advanced (up to) 10Gbps FTTH service
  • Branding the Box
  • Integration into HKT Smartliving for connected entertainment in the Smart Home

Paul BerrimanGroup CTO, PCCW-HKT, Hong Kong


Panel Discussion: Second Screen, Multiscreen and TV Apps

  • The appeal of Apps as part of a TV package: Why are they so popular?
  • Could Smart TV Apps replace the Set Top Box as a point of consumer entry?
  • How is multiscreen consumption changing media consumption, and how are consumers choosing to engage over the second screen?
  • Evolving the User Interface across all devices and consumer points of contact – what are the key challenges of multiscreen engagement?
  • How must content providers change their outlook in regard to so many new platforms?
  • Audio listening on TV and what user experiences to create to increase retention and develop new usage (more dynamic and visual apps, displaying content contextualized with the audio played)

Geoffroy Robin,Co-partner, COO and CMO, Radioline, France

Paul Berriman,Group CTO, PCCW-HKT, Hong Kong

Usman Ali Akbar,General Manager (PMO to President and CEO), PTCL, Pakistan


How to Deploy a Service-Provider-Friendly AndroidTV Solution

  • Why AndroidTV is a game changer for Service Providers
  • Why AndroidTV is a game changer for Service Providers
  • Demo of the BBox Miami, one of the most successful AndroidTV STB launched by Bouygues Telecom in France with iFeelSmart's TV App

Xavier Bringue, CEO and Co-Founder, iFeelSmart


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Fireside Chat: Improving the Content Offering

  • Content partnerships in Hollywood between movie studios & major broadcasters
  • How to manage the verticalisation in an evolving ecosystem
  • Strategies in building, licensing or co-producing in demand content
  • Content production in multiple territories / languages

David Johnson,CEO, Compact Media

Marc Lorber,International TV Consultant, Lionsgate


GooglePlay Workshop Special:

Capturing Wider Audiences via Google Play and Android TV

  • Google Play has become a critical platform for game developers to reach a wide and diverse audience and build successful businesses.
  • Outlining some of the trends that Google Play is seeing in content, innovation, discovery, business models, and more.
  • Google Play now also extends beyond phones and tablets to the living room with Android TV.
  • Players are finding that their familiar consumer electronics devices, from cable boxes, to media players, to televisions, now give them easy access to great games – expanding the total addressable market for game developers.

Albert Reynaud,Partner Development Manager, GooglePlay, USA

Marc Bächinger,Developer Advocate, Google, USA


Providing Flexible Video Delivery for TV Services: Demonstration

  • Introducing Videa™ - flexible video delivery for linear live or on-demand, authenticated or unauthenticated, TVE and OTT
  • Able to adapt to existing infrastructure, keep costs down, full EPG integration for access to favourite shows
  • Supporting existing subscription services and/or ad-serving systems to increase revenue opportunities without having to increase costs
  • Customizable design that allows for on-the-fly UX changes
  • Integrating social media platforms

Nathan Ng,Director of Product Management, Digiflare


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WebRTC and the Next Frontier of Viewer Engagement

  • The role of technology in the changing nature of interactivity.
  • The technology and tools that are enabling broadcasters to bring user-generated content and viewer-participation content to both online and TV audiences.
  • Real world use cases of this technology including applications from Major League Baseball and Fox Sports.

Charley Robinson,Head of Sales Engineering, TokBox, USA


WebRTC and the Next Frontier of Viewer Engagement

  • How to avoid getting swept away with the latest technologies and prevent losing focus on what to concentrate on and how to deliver
  • Determining systems to identify which new technologies and platforms to invest and when, as opposed to chasing every new thing that comes along
  • Methods to centralise technical systems and output types to build in agility, and avoid making major changes to technical systems every time something new arises

Addie Nascimento,Digital Syndication Lead, Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), USA





Connected Entertainment Hub, 12:00-16:00


The Hub will commence at 12:00, following morning keynotes and break

Chair: Ian Mecklenburgh, Founder, Infotainment Ltd, UK


Futurist Panel: The Next-Gen Viewer: Where Do We Go From Here?

  • The nature of the next-gen consumer and kids today – emerging trends to watch such as Social TV, gaming and virtual reality – how are they set to change our world?
  • Getting down with the kids – what operators can already do to engage the emerging smartphone-native generation of consumers already out there?
  • How will the relationship between Apps and TV develop?
  • Thinking outside the box: what do we think the TV landscape will look like in another 15 years?
  • How do we expect consumer expectation to develop in the future? Will the networks ever be good enough to support best quality everywhere all the time?
  • 4k, UHD, 8k, 3DTV, AR and VR– is it all realistic? What will it all do to society? And what lies beyond?

Chair:Paul Robinson,Director, Creative Media Partners Ltd, UK


Matt Heiman,Founder, Diagonal View, UK

Bjarne Andre Myklebust,Head of Distribution, Norwegian Broadcasting Corp, NRK, Norway

Charles DawesSenior Director International Marketing, Rovi Europe Data & Analytics


How to Create Real User Values Using Live VR/360° Video Magnus Persson, CEO, Voysys


How Virtual Reality will Impact as a Mainstream Social Activity

  • How the immersive experience, delivered on virtual reality headset technology, can best manifest itself for consumption in the entertainment world
  • Transferred into a personal three dimensional world, divested of responsibility for belongings and bereft of the companionship of your colleagues for the duration of the activity
  • What this new world of VR offers the fabric of entertainment, where interaction is with avatars & movie actors not with your friends
  • Being catapulted into someone else’s created, technological universe where we progress personally, our attention and interest transfixed

Moira Morrison,Software Specialist, Moi! Development


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Virtually Live: Case Study and Demonstration

  • Highlighting the benefits of utilising a transformative, virtual reality and second screen technology for live events
  • Using Virtual Reality to give fans an immersive, active experience when watching their chosen sport(s).
  • Enabling total freedom of movement in determining where you want to watch the match – at a seat, beside the pitch, on the pitch, and sat the same time you can converse with friends who are also watching.

Oliver Weingarten,Sports Rights and Partnership Advisor, Virtually Live


Improving the Customer Experience with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

  • Why companies are using VR and AR to close the gap between the digital and the analogue world
  • Bringing VR and AR to mobile devices, to use these technologies any time and any place
  • Deutsche Telekom’s activities in investing resources into TV UI Related innovation

Randolph Nikutta,T-Labs (Research & Innovation), Deutsche Telekom, Germany


Case Study and Demonstration: vTime: The First Mobile Social VR Network

  • Experiences of having developed the first VR sociable network app that allows anyone, anywhere to socialise with family and friends in virtual reality
  • How just by using a smartphone and VR headset, consumers can meet, chat and interact with friends old and new, near and far, in breathtaking virtual locations
  • Learnings to date and anticipations for the future of the VR industry

Julian Price,CMO, Starship Group, UK


Digital Production Pro: Pre-Visualisation and Planning for Film and TV Production

  • A new product to help pre-visualise and plan productions in greater detail, providing greater efficiency to the shoot - therefore saving time and money
  • How technology proven in other industries has been adapted for film and TV
  • Understanding more about 3D laser scanning and cloud point data
  • Aims to move this technology into Virtual Reality

Daniel J. Harris,Producer, Focus Shift Films


Panel Debate: Virtual Reality and Alternative Reality: The Next Big Game Changer

  • How VR catapults users wholly into someone else’s, created, technological universe where they progress in isolation and their attention and interest are transfixed
  • How best can we protect the viewer in this circumstance from coming to harm, mentally or physically? How will VR impact mainstream society?/li>
  • How can VR and AR best manifest themselves for consumption in the entertainment world?
  • Insight into what this new world of VR offers the fabric of entertainment and interaction with others… Will it catch on?

Moira Morrison,Software Specialist, Moi! Development

Julian Price,CMO, Starship Group, UK

Randolph Nikutta,T-Labs (Research & Innovation), Deutsche Telekom, Germany

Oliver Weingarten,Sports Rights and Partnership Advisor, Virtually Live

Daniel J. Harris,Producer, Focus Shift Films