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NexGuard from Civolution is the world’s leading forensic watermarking solution, used by content owners & distributors as an effective anti-piracy tool. NexGuard software inserts an imperceptible & robust watermark throughout the video image, which can be used as a unique identifier for each recipient.

Hollywood-approved, NexGuard is deployed to more than 90% of the world’s digital cinema projectors and 30 million set top boxes worldwide, being easily upgraded to an operator’s installed base.

NexGuard is now deploying to OTT workflows – going beyond DRM to protect VOD & linear content streamed or downloaded to viewers’ own devices, allowing anti-piracy teams to quickly and easily trace the source of illegal re-streaming or file sharing right back to the individual who stole the content.

For operators, integrating NexGuard into your distribution workflow gives assurance to content owners when negotiating rights for high value content, including early-release window movies, UHD/4K content, and premium sports.

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