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Erstream is a leading technology company with 13 years of experience in the business serving with expert and each uniquely gifted engineers. With all Encoding, CDN and web streaming products, softwares and services we develop in our own R&D labs, we are in collaboration with Turkey and the world’s established content owners and broadcasters. We have encoding and downlink services in 6 different data centers in Germany, Spain, London and Turkey by which we serve over 400 live channels around the world.

With our 12 years experience in application development for Interactive TV we’ve developed tens of applications for each of Samsung, LG, Vestel, Philips, Visio, Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic, Sony Playstation 3, Sony Media Player, Xbox, Google TV, HBB TV, Android Media Boxes and those applications are served worldwide over 163 different countries. 

While specializing in end to end service for online video services which is a brand new area for content and platform owners, we provide our know-how and all other necessary information we derive from our lab experiments. Our work never ends! After we maintain our product and services, after a service is live, our support team starts working. We are available 7/24 for constant and high quality services and could serve every reporting needs with our detailed statistics service.