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  • RT @palcaras: Consumers are willing to pay to upgrade their in-home #WiFi. It's been demonstrated by our deployments & a 2017 consumer surv
    16 Mar 2018, 15:42:37 +0000

  • RT @ScreenPlaysMag: Mesh home Wi-Fi architecture gains as preferred approach to improving coverage and throughput. @AirTies @comcast @at&T
    15 Mar 2018, 20:12:23 +0000

  • EU Cable Operator #broadband subs grow in 2017 adding 5% to total revenue or +1.6Million subs (@IHSMarkitTech). h
    14 Mar 2018, 20:19:01 +0000

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AirTies Wireless Networks

AirTies was founded in 2004 by a senior management and technical team from Silicon

Valley, with the strategic intent to become the market leader for the wirelessly connected

home. AirTies designs and develops its own software and hardware, wirelessly streaming

high definition video to multiple rooms and screens. The comprehensive product portfolio

includes broadband Internet devices and Internet based television set top boxes. Its award

winning technology enables seamless wireless integration at the touch of a button, as well

as 100 per cent internet wireless coverage in homes. AirTies has an install base of over 10 million devices worldwide. More information is available at