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ABOX42 (www.abox42.com) is a leading, Germany based, provider of next generation Smart Set-Top Box solutions for Pay-TV, IPTV and OTT operators. The ABOX42 Total Set Top Box Solution consists of four major cornerstones. Compelling and latest technology Hardware, a rich Software (SDK) for development and integration of modern TV services, the ABOX42 OPX TV essential TV User Interface and last but not least the ABOX42 Cloud TV services for a full management of the Set-Top Box deployment. 


ABOX42 offers a full range of Smart Set-Top-Boxes with different price-points and feature-sets; from cost effective IPTV/OTT STB platforms up to UHD/4K high end Hybrid receivers. The ABOX42 SmartSDK software stack offers full compatibility through out the entire hardware line; so operators can easily deploy different hardware version running the same TV-services. ABOX42’s OPX TV User Interface offers end users an easy to use GUI with all essential DVB, IPTV and OTT functions. The final part of the offering are various Cloud TV and SaaS services to manage the installation, operation and upgrading of the ABOX42 Smart Set-Top Box in the field. 


ABOX42’s Smart Set-Top Box platform can easily be integrated into existing operator services or can be used in a modular way to quickly and cost effectively built up a complete Pav-TV offering using the ABOX42 OPX TV middleware solution. In contrast to traditional project driven Set-Top-Box suppliers, ABOX42 products and services are constantly enhanced and always make the latest features available to all customers. ABOX42’s products and services are used by Telcos, ISP, Cable operators and OTT companies on a world-wide basis. 


For further information – please visit our website www.abox42.com


ABOX42 GmbH, Amalienbadstr. 41, 76227 Karlsruhe, Germany

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