TV Apps are critical to any TV everywhere strategy, taking centre stage in enabling viewer access to content wherever, whenever. The TV Connect Appathon delivered in partnership with Metrological is for those dedicated to making these apps happen; giving TV App Developers an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and meet fellow developers and potential partners. The TV Connect 2016 Appathon will take place over two days, culminating in the winners award presentation at the TV Connect 2016 Industry Awards.


Registration is open from 1st March up to 20th April 2016, once registered you will be provided with access to the Metrological SDK to familiarise yourself with the platform in preparation for the Appathon.

The Appathon will take place over two days, beginning at 8am on 26th April 2016 at TV Connect in the dedicated Appathon exhibition area, running for 11 hours until 7pm.

Day two will again begin at 8am and will run for 11 hours until 7pm.

Judging will take place at 7pm with the winners announced at the TV Connect Awards taking place later that night at the iconic OXO tower at approximately 10pm.


For registration and further details please contact:

Matthew Birch 
Head of Sales
T: +44(0)207 017 7166 

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